Kratom is a friendly drug with an acidic taste. Kratom is taken in in different ways. The most common ways are chewing dry leaves, mixing in it tea or taking in the form of capsules. The Capsule form of Kratom is widely used by the Kratom users in the regions where it is cultivated as well as in the US and Europe. The reason of taking Kratom in the form of capsules is that it is safe as well as less time taking method. Many people take capsules of Kratom but they are not familiar with the correct dosage of it. The fact about Kratom is that it will perk you with wonderful effects if it is taken in with accurate dosage.

Dosage to take in Kratom Capsules:

The correct and accurate dosage to take Kratom is mentioned below. Try to follow this dose if you are taking Kratom in capsules form.

  • If a user wants clement effects than 5 – 7 capsules are considered enough. This dose will give you light effects and it is presumed that this dose is the ideal dose.
  • If a user wants standard effects than 8 – 11 capsules are considered enough.
  • If you want to get vigorous effects than 12 – 16 capsules should be taken in.
  • 17 – 19 capsules will give you fervent strong effects, which would be too strong and tough for some people to bear.

Effectiveness of Kratom Capsules:

Taking Kratom in the form of capsules take bit more time to effect on your body. But the effects will be long-lasting. If you want quick effects then make orifice in the capsules. This will help the Kratom in the capsules to get absorbed faster.

Size of a capsule:

The size of a capsule is not always the same. Capsules come in different sizes. 00 size capsule will have 0.5 grams of Kratom. Your amount of capsules will depend upon the quantity of Kratom you are willing to take. For example: if you want 3 grams dosage of Kratom then you need to take 6 capsules.

Source of Capsules:

The best way to get Kratom capsules is to buy them online. But buying Kratom capsules is quite expensive. The reason is that we need to take a lot of capsules to get the best effects. Therefore, it is suggested to use to take Kratom powder and buy empty capsules. Fill the capsules with powder and use them. It would be an affordable method.

Comparison of Kratom Capsules with other forms of Kratom:

If you take Kratom in the form of capsules then you will avoid yourself from the bitter taste of Kratom. Kratom taste is acidic and sometimes it becomes impossible for a user to swallow it.

Capsules help you to take exact dose of Kratom. You do not need to measure dose again and again. Just count the capsules according to your dose and take them. Therefore, it is a safe method as well.


Kratom capsules are the best way to get benefited with its effects without experiencing its bitter taste.